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Northgate Community Center

10510 5th Avenue NE, Seattle, WA 98125

©2018 by Northwest Kendo.

NW Kendo is led by Shinichi Koike, a 7th-dan kendo instructor from Japan and former US Kendo Team coach. The essence of our kendo philosophy is diligent training in the use of the shinai (bamboo sword) and bokken (wooden practice sword) as a path to physical and mental growth. We use the challenges of practice to help us grow and improve our skills, as well as support our personal and professional aspirations.


We are a diverse mixture of languages and professions of all ages and genders. We value training hard and having fun and we provide a safe and encouraging practice environment for all of our students.


Meeting every Wednesday and Friday, our classes are run by Koike Sensei with the support of a cadre of senior students. Training consists of meditation, warm-ups, and basic drills. Students in armor engage in free-sparring after this while beginners are led through additional drills and footwork.

Dues are $140/quarter for adults and $95/quarter for juniors. All kendo students must also register with the All United States Kendo Federation and pay an annual fee of $110 (adults) or $55 (juniors).


Payment of club dues may be done via